Relationship building, productivity, capacity, influencing others and results are key components of effective business.

Personal responsibility, effective communication and the importance of trust—these pivotal ideas weave their way through influential business literature, from a classic volume like Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People to the more recent Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Lencioni.

Guided by each of these ideas, BENCHMARK comes alongside businesses to provide leadership and professional development through creative problem solving and intentional team building which results in clearer communication, deeper connection and stronger cohesion.

Training sessions are customized as needed and built with a concentrated focus on improvement. Interactive training can be as little as a few hours or broadened to a full day or multiple days. Activities can even be interwoven in your own training program as we share the leadership roles. You determine the level of activity for your team. BENCHMARK highly values a team approach that will enhance every session.

What you can expect from us: honesty, respect for differing opinions and a consistent, unobtrusive challenging of ‘normal.’

Building an effective team takes time. Let BENCHMARK help you.


“If you’re looking to add a creative training element to your event programming or need to train your team to be more productive, I highly recommend Benchmark. James and his team can create a custom program designed to meet your specific needs and budget. You won’t be disappointed!”

Dean Jones, former Vice President Meetings Group & Marketplace Events, Rejuvenate Marketplace/Collinson Media

Businesses We’ve Served

  • Suntrust Managers
  • MedSolutions
  • Rejuvenate Marketplace/Collinson Media