Adventure will take you where you would not normally go. Adventure will challenge. Adventure will captivate. Adventure will move you from what is comfortable toward a fresh direction.  Adventure will lead you to learn something significant about yourself. Adventure will alter your life.

BENCHMARK is about significant life change. Let us go on an adventure…together.


The mission of BENCHMARK Adventure Ministries is
to stimulate significant life change toward wholeness in Christ
through interactive experiences and outdoor adventures.

We all live in a world of relational brokenness, disconnection and loss. Some live in this world without much hope. In the United States Military there are strategically placed, Christ-following Chaplains who are available to offer hope and point toward grace.

BENCHMARK comes along side those Chaplains and the Soldiers they serve by creating adventure events for relational connection and personal reflection to move them toward wholeness in Christ.

In 2017, we served 326 Soldiers and their children from Infantry, Aviation and Special Operation units of Fort Campbell, TN, Fort Benning, GA, Hunter Army Airfield, GA, and Fort Bragg, NC. [Read More]

What is a Benchmark?

Whether in the wilderness or in the city, a benchmark is a known point, a permanent point of reference, which can help us better understand exactly where we are, almost anywhere in the world.

BENCHMARK designs interactive adventures to help individuals assess their horizontal relationship with other people, their surroundings and Creation, and their vertical relationship with God.  The small mark in the middle of the triangle symbolizes the high value of a Christ centered, Biblical worldview and how that emphasis affects the whole person. [Read More]