The BENCHMARK Vanguard

In a military formation, the vanguard is ‘out front’, and they are the ‘foremost or strongest point of the attack’. They go ahead to create the space for other movement.

The BENCHMARK Vanguard are those who pray for and financially support our mission. This group is made up of monthly donors who every month contribute to move this mission forward. It also includes those champions whose annual donation is $300 or more.

$300 once or $25 per month will allow one Soldier to attend a weekend retreat. $600 once or $50 per month allows a Soldier and their Child to attend together. If you’re not already, consider becoming a BENCHMARK Vanguard with your monthly gift of $25 or more today. Selecting the bank account option will stretch your gift even further. Every dollar matters.

Ways you can support BENCHMARK:

Learn About Our Chaplains Partnership Initiative

“BENCHMARK’s event structure, personnel, and cooperative spirit enables unit Chaplains to make available a higher quality event for Soldiers than we could organize and execute on our own.” Special Operations Chaplain

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