Just as a benchmark is a known point that can help us better understand where we are, the annual Backpack for BENCHMARK is a difficult trip to challenge emotional and physical stamina. This experience allows hikers to better understand the way they think, feel, and act in light of Biblical principles. #hardcanbehelpful

October 5-8, 2023, a team of 5 men and women will #hikethechuck – a rigorous hike of 44.2 miles around Big South Fork National River & Recreation Area in north central Tennessee – all in just 3 days. For the 29th year, this hike means taking a few days to step out of normal life and into creation. Into whatever weather and challenges come their way.

Will you sponsor an adventurer for this 29th Annual Chuck Wilson Memorial Backpack for BENCHMARK? In addition to lending your support to a hiker, your tax-deductible donation will allow BENCHMARK to continue to say “yes” to Chaplains, Soldiers, and all those God places in our ministry path.

Why do we #hikethechuck? The annual Backpack for BENCHMARK became the Chuck Wilson Memorial in 1999, in memory of this Navy Sailor who had a minister’s heart and a mountaineer’s zeal, and experienced God through the beauty of creation.

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“BENCHMARK’s event structure, personnel, and cooperative spirit enables unit Chaplains to make available a higher quality event for Soldiers than we could organize and execute on our own.” Special Operations Chaplain

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