It’s the 25th… 25 years of hikers learning to do hard things and that hard can be helpful. One woman and three men are training hard to take on 46.1 challenging miles on the Appalachian Trail in Georgia for the 25th Annual Chuck Wilson Memorial Backpack for BENCHMARK October 17-20. While few hike in person, your tax-deductible sponsorship will allow a hiker to share this amazing experience with you, and to support the incredible mission of BENCHMARK at the same time! #hikethechuck #25yearsofhiking

Learn more about Chuck Wilson and why the annual Backpack for BENCHMARK is named in his honor on this webpage.

It’s not because we think this ministry is the standard by which all others should be measured.

Our name is taken from a topographic symbol. A benchmark is often a simple metal disc, set in stone and inscribed with a triangle and a small mark in the center. Whether in the wilderness or in the city, a benchmark is a known point, a permanent point of reference, which can help us better understand exactly where we are, almost anywhere in the world. A benchmark has two planes: vertical and horizontal.

BENCHMARK Adventure Ministries designs interactive experiences and outdoor adventures to help individuals assess their horizontal relationship with other people, their surroundings and creation, and their vertical relationship with God. [Read More]

“I’ve conducted two events with James and staff from BENCHMARK Adventure Ministries and their experience, clear presentation and care for Soldiers have made an indelible impact.

I have heard nothing but high praise from our attendees.

What makes BENCHMARK so extraordinary is their ability to come alongside and serve the Unit Ministry Team through the whole event to free up our time and alleviate any concerns so that we can effectively do one thing…minister to Soldiers.”

– Chaplain, Hunter Army Airfield, Savannah, GA

Where are you?