26th Annual Chuck Wilson Memorial Backpack for BENCHMARK 
October 1-4, 2020

Why did the annual Backpack for BENCHMARK become the Chuck Wilson Memorial?

Just as a benchmark is a known point that can help us better understand where we are, the annual Backpack for BENCHMARK is a difficult trip challenging the emotional and physical stamina of anyone willing to take it on. This experience allows hikers to better understand the way they think, feel, and act in light of Biblical principles.

In recognition of the strength and character of veteran adventurer Chuck Wilson, this hard fundraising hike was renamed in his memory in 1999. Chuck was a Navy sailor with a minister’s heart and a mountaineer’s zeal, and loved experiencing God through the beauty of creation. BENCHMARK pushed Chuck out of his box and stretched him to a deeper faith. See below for some memorable photos of Chuck.

Maybe it’s hard, but hard isn’t hard just to be hard. Hard can be helpful. We can learn an awful lot about ourselves and other people through the hard. We can get a clearer understanding of our capabilities and limitations in the hard.

Will you sponsor an adventurer for this 26th Annual Chuck Wilson Memorial Backpack for BENCHMARK and help us fully fund our team goal? This monumental trip makes an impact by challenging the hiker and raising funds to fulfill BENCHMARK’s mission. Choose a hiker to sponsor by visiting this page.

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Step away from normal and move toward adventure to think, pray, dream and create some memories, too.

Get in touch with your adventurous side by joining the Chuck Wilson Memorial Backpack for BENCHMARK.

Tia Dunaway, Chuck's Daughter

Sometimes, when I’m hiking, I can still hear Chuck talking about the heaviness of the pack or how his feet hurt, but the value of the work BENCHMARK was doing in the lives of others.

Barbara Evans

Chuck Wilson was a great man and he was passionate about a great many things. He loved the Lord most of all, followed closely by his family and friends and the great outdoors. He saw and experienced God through the beauty of creation.

Crystal Grove

The efforts expended and the sacrifices made only last for a short time, but the rewards can be for a lifetime.

Kinley Winchester