Explore the possibilities of how you can be involved with BENCHMARK’s mission

For more information contact: James @ 615-972-9033 • more.info@BENCHMARK.org

Prep, Pack & Pray

BENCHMARK is a completely mobile ministry which can mean a lot of packing and unpacking gear and food for our retreats. Can you get involved by giving a few hours of your time the day before a ministry event? Just 2-4 hours is very helpful. While you’re here we can pray for both BENCHMARK staff and those we are going to minister to. Click on the Ministry Event Calendar to see what is coming up.

Needs include:
> food purchase
> meal prep and organization
> loading the trailer
> checking/rechecking lists

Retreat Staff

Volunteers and compensated staff embody our mission. Staff roles for both men and women include food service, outdoor adventure and small group leadership, and event service. You are invited to serve where patient relationship-building is key, wide-ranging skill matters and a willingness to follow the leadership of the Holy Spirit is essential. Asking the question “How can I help?” will position you well for service.

Click the ministry event calendar button to see what’s ahead. Then accept the invitation to serve by phone, email or text.

Unpack & Store

Sunday afternoon/evening is typically for unpacking & storing gear from a weekend retreat.

Caring for these resources well will ensure their readiness for future retreats. Your time investment is greatly appreciated.

You can help by:
> restocking food
> cleaning & storing equipment
> “feeding” the dishwasher

Prayer Team

This ministry needs God’s guidance, wisdom and grace. We need to hear from Him and to follow His heart for those we serve.

Would you join the 80 plus members of BENCHMARK’s Prayer Team praying before and during each ministry event? Would you join in praying God’s guidance, wisdom and grace on our staff, volunteers, and those we serve?

Email prayer@benchmark.org to be added to this special email list. You can also email prayer requests to this monitored inbox at any time.

Write a Soldier a Note

You can encourage those who serve on our behalf through the military by providing a hand-written note to each Soldier who participates in a Chaplains Partnership Initiative retreat. BENCHMARK provides the note cards and instructions. Interested? Please respond here.

“As the mother of a Soldier, I learned the value of hand-written notes when our son went through boot camp. Though I wrote him daily, others came alongside us and encouraged him as well. When I was invited to share in this aspect of BENCHMARK’s ministry, I felt like God was allowing me to do for Soldiers I do not know nor will probably ever meet what was done for our son. May He only receive the glory.”   Elizabeth Hodges (her son, Sam, is a Master Gunnery Sergeant, United States Marine Corps)

Challenge Coins

“Members of the U.S. military have a long-standing tradition of carrying a special coin symbolizing unit identity and esprit de corps.” (custom.nwtmint.com)

BENCHMARK mirrors this tradition with our own military-styled coin which is presented to every Soldier as well as other participants who are taught BENCHMARK’s R3 for Resilience.

$5 will provide a challenge coin to one individual. Will you donate? Call James @ 615-972-9033 for details.


Our mission is to stimulate significant life change toward wholeness in Christ through interactive experiences and outdoor adventures.

BENCHMARK designs interactive adventures to help individuals assess their horizontal relationship with other people, their surroundings and Creation, and their vertical relationship with God. The small mark in the middle of the triangle symbolizes the high value of a Christ-centered, Biblical worldview and how that emphasis affects the whole person.The three sides of the triangle represent BENCHMARK’S focus on the whole person: the mind, the heart, and the will.

A BENCHMARK experience helps you to better understand where you are and will challenge you to evaluate the way you think, feel, and act in light of Biblical principles.

Can you serve for a few hours, a weekend, or maybe more? Respond today!

For more information contact: James @ 615-972-9033 • more.info@BENCHMARK.org