Leadership Development Workshop
Scheduled Periodically – Reach out with your interest!
Friday – Saturday

This is an open invitation to benefit you, your staff and/or key volunteers through their active participation in BENCHMARK’s Leadership Development Workshop. This weekend training event will stimulate spiritual growth and leadership development with hands on use of your skills.

Our Friday night prep with an overnight stay will begin about 7pm.

This workshop is for people interested in thoughtful leadership geared toward an educational ministry setting. Learn applicable skills through hands-on experiences.

Thoughtful leaders seek improvement.

  • Improve your leadership skills through experience.
  • Deepen your understanding of leadership.
  • Expand your teaching methods and specialize your technique.

Join this active learning event guided by BENCHMARK’s Founder James H. Evans.

What does BENCHMARK get in return? We hope that you, your staff or key volunteers will expand their leadership potential and build on the skills they already have. Maybe they will simply step back into their more normal role thinking differently about how to engage those they serve. If you are interested and your schedule allows, perhaps you would consider staffing a future BENCHMARK ministry event. It is that simple.

This retreat is valued at $250, but is offered at no cost to you!

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For More Information

For More Information

Contact James Evans, BENCHMARK’s founder. Mobile: 615-972-9033 • james@BENCHMARK.org


Being involved with BENCHMARK for several years as a student, I have come to really appreciate the ministry. It is an awesome opportunity and privilege for me to be a part of the staff, and be involved in the ministry that has been a direct influence on my life, so I can hopefully have that influence on the lives of others.

The weekend turned out to be great. It was fun and challenging, but in the end, I gained a lot of experience and confidence, which will not only help me for future BENCHMARK events, but also for my future ministry on the mission field.

David Gibson, originally from Florence, SC

Six years ago I showed up at staff training, 18 years old and clueless about what was in store. To put things into perspective; I packed hot-pink stilettos. I know I was not James’ ideal new staff member. I didn’t have any outdoor experience other than family camping trips and a few Girl Scout hikes. But, I had worked with BENCHMARK while I took part in a denominational short-term missions program as a high schooled and felt like BENCHMARK changed my perspective on my faith and my interactions with others. 

Since I have been able to work with BENCHMARK, I have learned the value in reflection. I have learned how to tie a bowline, a [water] knot, and a figure 8; although, they don’t always look great…I have been challenged physically as I hiked, camped, climbed, and rafted, as well as mentally as I have acted as an instructor.

I say these things to publicly show my appreciation for James, the other Instructors, and BENCHMARK in general. I also wanted to emphasize that this upcoming weekend could be the opportunity for you to learn many new things, as I have.

Shelly B. Greer,, public school teacher