I went to Walmart to get a head start of some of the items we’d need in bulk for the Appalachian Trail Outreach. Made my way to the register. The line wasn’t very long. The cashier, whose name is Sondra (correct spelling), looked at the tax exemption card and said “BENCHMARK Adventure Min….” I didn’t think she could read the print on the card so I finished it for her. She asked me where we do our adventures. “We’re a completely mobile organization that doesn’t have property, so we go wherever we’re allowed to go.”

Sondra: “And who decides where you go?”

“I do, I’m the founder. We’re heading out on Thursday to serve Appalachian Trail hikers in North Georgia.”

Without saying a word, she reaches for her wallet and pulls out cash. I could easily see into it and she gave me all I could see: a $20 bill and two $1s.
“Oh, thank you. That’s very kind.”

I’m just doing what I was told to do,” she said.
I try to do the same.” (I immediately thought of what I tell other people to do, which is what I want to do. To speak when the Holy Spirit leads me to speak and to keep my mouth shut when the Holy Spirit leads me.) But I didn’t say all that.

I said “I can’t even see your name.” So she turned her name tag around. “Thank you, Sondra.”

I reached for my business card to give to her. “How do I send you a receipt?” She kinda shrugged, and I’m not sure what she said other than, “Would you pray for me?” “Yes, I will.” So I did, before I stepped away, and with someone standing in line waiting behind me.

I want to be more like Sondra when I grow up.


Praying with hikers on the 2023 ATO.


Sondra’s donation helped sponsor food at our Gooch Gap pop-up cafe for 2 days for a hiker on the Appalachian Trail this spring. Every dollar matters!