Discovery Hike

Discovery Hike
Scheduled periodically – Reach out with your interest!

The Discovery Hike is your entry-level backpacking experience geared to teach backcountry skills & ethics with time to think, dream and pray in the beauty of creation.

Not much experience? We’ll teach you. Have some experience? This is still the trip for you. No equipment? BENCHMARK will help you know what you need and what you don’t need.

This trip will cover about 6-8 miles per day on Saturday and Sunday, and is geared to provide a moderate physical conditioning goal for those ready to take it on. And great food, of course. We’ll make time for guided reflection and conversation.

To participate in this memorable fall trip the cost is $175 per person which includes food, equipment, transportation and instruction.

Some hikers choose to hike these miles and raise funds for BENCHMARK, we ask fund-raising participants to set a personal minimum fundraising goal of $500 each. Before and after the trip, it’s about fundraising. During the trip it’s about sharing life together, caring for each other, and having the trip of a lifetime.

The Discovery Hike is normally scheduled within a 2-3 hour radius of Nashville, utilizing treasures like Savage Gulf State Natural Area of the South Cumberland Recreation Area near Beersheba Springs, Virgin Falls State Natural Area, Montgomery Bell State Park, Big South Fork National Scenic River and Recreation Area, or Mammoth Cave National Park.