Active learning, with a connection to real life, is important for students, faculty, and administration. BENCHMARK shapes interesting, interactive education settings for public/private schools and colleges. We tailor these experiences to meet your outcomes with great flexibility. We are mobile.

Creative problem solving is an essential skill for career readiness. Quality educators look for ways to improve student engagement. Tech Centers seek to improve employability for their students by enhancing their current skills in problem-solving methodologies. Creative problem-solving initiatives engage and lead students to think and communicate encouraging growth for career and college readiness.

By partnering with BENCHMARK, quality educators can improve their skills: in creative problem solving, with experiential faculty training, expansion of methodologies, and low cost activity additions.

With guided practice, students and faculty become better problem-solvers. Guided practice leads to improvement. BENCHMARK makes guided practice happen.


“I haven’t learned or laughed this much in a REALLY long time! You rock James!”
Emily Gideon, Digital Media Instructor, Eastern Oklahoma County Tech
The process of introducing the challenge, forcing students to think, and analyzing the event leads students to self evaluation – an essential skill for all of us.
Pat, Director of Student Services
U didn’t come to give us a superficial pep talk and then go home. Your sessions were very purposeful, thought out and intentional. U put us in positions that, although they were awkward at times, challenged us to go beyond the superficial, to get under the surface to get to the raw and to the real. It works because you are comfortable with awkward, with being uncomfortable, with making us uncomfortable so that we can get real with each other. U came to facilitate in an authentic interaction that helped us be a team.
David, Midwest Bible Church, Midwestern Christian Academy
“The summer after my junior year of college I had an opportunity to work at a camp in Middle Tennessee for an entire summer. This particular camp had a high ropes course, a low ropes course, and a climbing wall. In order to be properly trained, the camp brought in the lead instructor and founder of BENCHMARK Adventure Ministries. I knew the man about ten minutes. He looked at me and said, “How are you with heights?” I said, “Okay, I guess.” He proceeded to teach me how to make my own harness out of webbing, hooked me to a rope, handed me a drill and climbed to the top of this climbing wall so we could work on some repairs. Needless to say, for someone who adapts fairly quickly, I knew this guy was going to be someone that would push me and because of that he has had my respect for many years. Following that summer, I was able to then become a part-time staff member of BENCHMARK and was able to continue to grow and learn as I worked with many students in outward bound and low ropes initiatives. As I have attended many educational conferences and trainings, I have realized how many of my experiences and trainings with BENCHMARK have helped me in the classroom, specifically in the way I discipline, in the way I ask questions, in the way I am patient with student responses, in the way I give directions, and so many other things.”
Kristy Douglas Johnson, Leadership, Employability, Academics, Problem-Solving Coordinator, Eastern Oklahoma County Tech, OK

Schools we’ve served

  • Choctaw High School, OK
  • Cincinnati Christian Schools, OH
  • Welch College, TN
  • Southern Regional Education Board
  • Donelson Christian Academy, TN
  • Eastern Oklahoma County Tech, OK
  • Una Elementary, Metro Nashville Public School, TN
  • Rejoice Academy and Performance Center, NC
  • Hillsdale Free Will Baptist College, OK
  • Paragon Mills Elementary, Metro Nashville Public Schools
  • Pleasant View Christian School, TN
  • Alfred Nobel Elementary, Chicago Public Schools, IL