Will you take 11 minutes this Good Friday to reflect on Him?

Will you plan to spend 11 minutes tomorrow on this Good Friday Reflection?:

1. Use 3 minutes to consider the significance of someone who is willing to lay down his or her life for you. Think about a parent, a first responder, a Soldier, even a stranger. What do you think would motivate such a person?

2. Use 1 minute to write your thoughts.

3. Use 3 minutes to consider that Jesus came to earth knowing He would lay down His life as the full payment for your sin. He came to live and die so that we would not bear the responsibility or guilt of sin, if we repent. He knew the great cost yet He came anyway.

4. Use 1 minute to write your confession of sin.

5. With an eye toward Easter Sunday, and because of Christ’s example, use 1 minute to think about a simple act of service you can do, a very small act of laying your life down.

6. Take 2 minutes to serve someone else in Jesus Christ’s name, and because of His example.