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I plan to run another marathon this Saturday. Last year was my 15th Country Music Marathon here in Nashville, TN. It's the only marathon I've ran and am one of only 38 who has ran all fifteen.  Only ~8 people have ran the full each year. As my fellow 15-year runner and 16th year registrant Larry Epps puts it, "I [...]

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Happy Easter. He’s Alive.

Happy Easter.  He's Alive. But please allow me to digress for a few minutes. I needed a haircut this week. And it wasn't because Easter is approaching and I need to look good on stage.  The two men ahead of me at the barbershop did want haircuts for that reason, and it's a good enough reason to get a haircut. [...]

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I Need Benchmark More Than Benchmark Needs Me

A Guest Post By Jessica Folsom (pictured above in red jacket) On a scale of 1-10, I’d like to pride myself on being an eight when it comes to being fiercely independent.  If I can figure out a way of accomplishing a task without asking anyone for help, I’ll do it.  However, the older I’ve become, experience has taught me [...]

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Post Christmas Prayer

On the cusp of our Christmas celebration, will you oh God, make yourself known in the middle of violence, anger, injustice, military involvement, corporate misdealing, political messes, materialism and narcissism, just as you did when Christ came. Quietly. Purposefully. At just the right time. Would you do something else amazing and help people to see Christ in me, in spite [...]

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Keep Moving or Turn Back

A recent blast of cold has me thinking back to February 4, 2014. Effectively Managing Your Time; that's the name of the Center for Nonprofit Management morning workshop that started the day.  The rest of the day felt like I hadn't learned a thing as I moved from one thing to the next all day long. The more regular work [...]

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Still in Tension

Twenty years ago, just after daylight on a pleasant October morning, I stepped off with great anticipation and 72 miles ahead of me.  My wife and 9-month old son drove away.  The goal was to backpack the Sheltowee Trace from Pickett State Park, TN to Cumberland Falls State Park, KY in 3 days. A few kind people sponsored that hike [...]

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The Value of A Known Point

When I’m leading a team building group, I may say, “Now we’re going to do the hard part."  I get looks like they're pretty sure they've just done the hard part. And then I say, "We’re going to think about what we’ve done.  And since we’re good Americans, we don't do that very often.  We more often move from one [...]

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And you won’t trade it for anything!

Shortly after turning 40, I decided to do something that was w-a-y out of my comfort zone: Go with James Evans on a 47-mile hike along the Appalachian Trail. I have NO IDEA what possessed me to think I could attempt that, but I spoke with James about it and a plan was laid. I wish I could tell you [...]

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Take a Hike – Serve a Soldier

The ALS ice bucket challenge has been amazing to watch and in most cases…fun.  I hope that all those dollars will be so very beneficial to find a cure.  But I wonder if part of the benefit to those individuals and families enduring ALS is that we are paying attention for just a little while and sharing their life even [...]

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A couple of weeks ago my friend Kinley Winchester began his +/-30 hour trip to Erbil, Iraq, back to his family, as they continue living out their life in Christ in the predominately Islamic region of Kurdistan.  They have lived there for 3½ of the last 4 years connected to the Classical School of the Medes and Servant Group International. [...]

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