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Reflection, help to find the pearls of life

As a teacher I create active learning experiences. While I like adventure I like even more the pearls of life that can be found as a part of an adventure.

Finding those pearls of life and learning from adventure, or any other part of life for that matter, doesn’t just happen.

I’ve often said, “As good Americans we move from one […]

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Happy Easter. He’s Alive.

Happy Easter.  He’s Alive.

But please allow me to digress for a few minutes.

I needed a haircut this week. And it wasn’t because Easter is approaching and I need to look good on stage.  The two men ahead of me at the barbershop did want haircuts for that reason, and it’s a good enough reason to get a haircut. But […]

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Still in Tension

Twenty years ago, just after daylight on a pleasant October morning, I stepped off with great anticipation and 72 miles ahead of me.  My wife and 9-month old son drove away.  The goal was to backpack the Sheltowee Trace from Pickett State Park, TN to Cumberland Falls State Park, KY in 3 days.

A few kind people sponsored that hike […]

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