“Blogging – Never before have so many people with so little to say said so much to so few.”  (www.despair.com/blogging.html)

So with that as adequate introduction, here goes; the first blog post for ‘At This Point’.

Frequency? Oh, that will be “periodically”.  I’m not a professional blogger as will become evident very soon.  I have a real job…one for the most part I enjoy.  And like your job, it takes up space.

I admire those folks whose schedule, season of life and discipline set the stage for them to post every week, at just about the same time every week.  Or multiple times a week.  Regimented. But that’s not my schedule,  my season of life, nor perhaps my discipline.

Consistency is difficult when a “random” week is consumed with a 3-day retreat which is exactly my job and joy.

Oh, and that’s what’s most important.  That normal work which is influenced by schedule, season of life and discipline.

Will it be sarcastic at times?  Absolutely.  My name is James.  Sarcasm…normally lightly humorous…is a normal part of life so of course it will find its way into my posts.

I’ve had stuff to say…some of it is even helpful.

Will I be misunderstood?  Will I get myself in trouble?  Yep.  Why would this place in my world be any different.  Oh…was that sarcasm?

And I have other priorities.  I have kids at home I’m still trying to invest in wisely.  Then there is this woman who I want to remain married to.  So…this blogging, it has some priority but it’s place isn’t prominent.

For some of you, it will be difficult to believe that there have actually been some who have suggested I blog.  Oh…and that they would read it.  Go figure.  So for those 2-3 people…here it is.

If it’s helpful, tell me.  If it’s really helpful, tell someone else.  If it’s not that helpful, delete it and keep moving.